My Low-Income Retirement Strategy

I graduated in 1980. Back then, the retirement strategy was easy: Get a job and when you retire, your employer gives you a pension. But, that has all changed.

Ronald Reagan stripped us of our pensions. The republicanized courts decided everyone should be expendable commodities, Human Resources, that corporations can squander and purge with at-will employment. In short, the capitalists stole our futures. Now, they don’t want to pay for the damage they caused to our economic well-being.

Now, they want us to work, as an obedient servant class, until the day we die.

Well I have a retirement strategy to resist those republicans:

  • Claim my Social Security pension.
  • Collect Food stamps.
  • Live in Section 8 housing.
  • File for SSI (Supplemental Income for those without a retirement plan).

My strategy is to sit back and watch reruns on free over-the-air television while eating low-income food in my low-income apartment. And, if push comes to shove, I can become a Caribbean expatriate. I can support some foreign economy at the American economy’s expense.

I’d rather be poor and maintain my autonomy instead of being a subservient republican servant.

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